Private maritime law

Private maritime law

Protect your interests and build maritime contracts with an assistance of our maritime lawyer.

Public maritime law

Public maritime law

Our lawyer will help you to navigate safely in the sea of international regulations.

International arbitration

International arbitration

Feel safe and secured in the hands of professional maritime lawyers.

Stakeholder Due Diligence

Stakeholder Due Diligence

We will find out everything about your potential stakeholders to decrease your risks.

Professional Legal Assistance around the Globe

Along with services as marine insurance broker, Europe Marine Group also offers to its clients legal services:

  • Advising on matters related to maritime law;

  • Advising on matters related to law of marine insurance;

  • Providing with legal information concerning marine insurance and maritime law;

  • Other types of legal support.

Ship arrest

Europe Marine Group has an extensive experience in ship arrest and arrests of other assets in many parts of the world. Ship arrest is one of the effective methods of debt recovery, particularly in the field of bunker supplies. Our counsels will provide you with the best advice you can get on ship arrest, taking into account your financial condition, time and other important factors.

International arbitration

Our international arbitration practice is relatively young but experienced, particularly in the bunker supply disputes. Europe Marine Group has acted for a range of clients across maritime industry on a number of high profile and leading-edge bunkering cases.

International litigation

Europe Marine Group has represented a number of clients in the different jurisdictions, including Denmark, England, Russia, Caribbean Islands, etc. We have also provided advice to our client in the issues related to freezing injunction, contempt of court, criminal defense, etc.

Black listing

Responding to the problem of non-payment for bunker supplies, EMG has developed a new tool that protect bunker supplies from the risk of non-payment for supplied fuel. All non-payers are blacklisted by Europe Marine Group upon request of bunker suppliers and can only be removed from the list when proof of payment is presented.

Drafting contract

We have also been providing contract drafting service to our clients for almost 5 years. We helped our clients to draft Ts&Cs, charterparties, shipping contracts, joint venture agreements, investment agreements, distributorship agreements, etc. We have proved the effectiveness of our contracts through arbitration disputes.

Aibek S. Ahmedov LLM (UEA)
Legal counsel

Received LLM in International
Commercial and Business Law
in University of East Anglia,
Norwich, UK, 2002.

Aibek has more than 5 years of professional practice in the field of law of international sale of goods, international payments and law of marine insurance. He has extensive list of publication in the field of law of marine insurance, international trade law and other related fields. He also authored first ever specialized book on law of documentary credits in Russian.

We are proud he joined Europe Marine Group and also leads its corporate blog. He offers legal advice in the following fields:

The contract of international sale of goods, including disputes arising from FOB, CIF, CIP and DAP contracts; mixed contracts for goods and services, etc.

Shipping law, including bill of lading and charter disputes, and disputes of any character, arising from shipping trade.

International payments, including documentary credits, bank collections, bank guarantees and advising in the field of currency control.

Advising on issues related to customs regulation, including legal aspects of custom declaration and custom fees in CIS countries.

Selected publications:

  1. A.S. Ahmedov, Documentary credits: Law and practice, Reglament-Media, Moscow, 2012
  2. A.S. Ahmedov, Fraud in documentary credits, Yuridicheskaya rabota v bankovskoy organizacii (Legal studies in banks), № 2 (20), 2009
  3. A.S. Ahmedov, The problem of reimbursement in case of fraud in documentary credit transactions, Microfinance+, №2, 2010
  4. A.S. Ahmedov, Some issues arising in interpretation of oil and gas contracts: conflict of law and contract form, NeftGazPravo (OilGasLaw) №5, 2010
  5. A.S. Ahmedov, On English features of Incoterms: FOB contracts,, 08.06.2012
  6. A.S. Ahmedov, Overview of English case law on subrogation in insurance contracts Yuridicheskaya i pravovaya rabota v strahovanii (Juridical and legal studies in insurance) №1 (21), 2010
  7. A.S. Ahmedov, Restricting the duty of insurance broker towards insured: Case comment to Nicholas G. Jones v. (1) Environcom Ltd. (2) Environcom England Ltd. And MS plc t/a Miles Smith Insurance Brokers (2010), Sbornik o strahovanii (Insurance Reports), №14, 2010
  8. A.S. Ahmedov, Classification of marine risks for the purpose of policy of marine insurance, Yuridicheskaya i pravovaya rabota v strahovanii (Juridical and legal studies in insurance) №2 (26), 2011
  9. A.S. Ahmedov, Excluded risks as a ground for refusing indemnification of insured, Yuridicheskaya i pravovaya rabota v strahovanii (Juridical and legal studies in insurance) №3 (27), 2011
  10. A.S. Ahmedov, The doctrine of seaworthiness in English law, Yuridicheskaya i pravovaya rabota v strahovanii (Juridical and legal studies in insurance) №4 (28), 2011
  11. A.S. Ahmedov, The excluded risks as a ground for refusing insured in payment of coverage, Journal of Marine Insurance 3, 2012
  12. A.S. Ahmedov, Comment to UK Bribery Act 2011, Zakon (Law) №8, 2011
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