Our professional team has an experience of more than 17 years in placing and managing marine risks on international markets like LLOYD’S OF LONDON, Scandinavian, German and Russian insurance markets.

We provide security for the following risks:






  • WAR

Hull & Machinery Insurance

Scope of cover includes:

  • total loss (actual or constructive) of the vessel;

  • damage to hull, machinery, equipment and everything connected therewith;

  • general average;

  • salvage, salvage charges;

  • charges properly and reasonably incurred for the purposes of averting or minimizing a loss (Sue & Labour);

  • collision defence or attack costs;

  • dry docking expenses to survey underwater part of the hull after grounding or stranding even if no damages were found.

Protection & Indemnity Insurance

Insurance is provided to cover following liabilities:

  • liability to persons other than crew;

  • collision with other ships;

  • loss or damage to property of third persons;

  • pollution;

  • wreck removal;

  • loss or damage to cargo or towed object;

  • towage liability;

  • quarantine expenses;

  • general average and salvage;

  • loss or damage to property on the insured vessel;

  • special compensation to salvors;

  • fines;

  • sue and labour and legal costs;

  • liability of salvage operations;

  • liability performing hidrotechnical operations;

  • liability of time-charterer.

Shipowner’s Crew Liability Insurance

Scope of cover includes:

  • Ransom – cash, goods or services surrendered to meet a kidnap or extortion demand;

  • Ransom in Transit – loss in transit of the ransom by destruction, disappearance, theft or seizure;

  • Legal costs – damages, defence expenses and other costs;

  • Additional expenses – public relations experts, interpreters, travel and accommodation, psychiatric, medical and dental care, legal advice, rewards, advertising, 100% of victim’s gross salary, interest on loans, communications equipment, forensic analysis, rest and rehabilitation costs, cosmetic and plastic surgery, personal financial loss, all other reasonable costs resulting from an insured incident;

  • Response consultants – the fees and expenses of response consultants.;

  • Personal accident – death, injury or mutilation that arises as a result of an insured incident.

  • Personal Accident can be included with benefits for death, loss of limb/sight, permanent total disablement, loss of extermity.

  • Limits from 1 mln USD up to 15 mln USD.

Kidnap & Ransom

Insurance is provided to cover compensation in case of:

  • accidental death;

  • permanent total disablement (in accordance with Continental Scale of Benefits);

  • temporary total disablement.

In case of accident or illness of crew member the following expenses are payable:

  • medical expenses;

  • repatriation costs;

  • replacement and rearrangement expenses;

  • deviation costs.


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